Rank Most Iconic Princesses In Anime Like Sailor Moon

Thanks to imaginative fairy tale-based anime and some of the most recognizable classic and contemporary anime shows of all time, anime viewers can find all different kinds of anime princesses. Although there are many princesses in anime, a select few remarkable anime princess characters stand out for their exceptional personalities and captivating tales.

Due to their incredible magical prowess and martial arts expertise, some of these strong and sage anime princesses might easily defeat even some of the toughest Disney Princesses. There are certain princesses in anime that became some of the most well-known female villains in the anime industry, despite the fact that many of them are courageous fighters.

1. Yona Character – Yona Of The Dawn
Yona is one of the most courageous, strong, and loving anime princesses ever. She overcame huge obstacles, but she never lost her kindness or willingness to provide a hand to anyone in need. Yona was a strong and talented fighter who was known for his death look, which terrified even his most formidable adversaries.
One of the best historical fiction action anime series is Yona Of The Dawn, which features an iconic anime heroine and a compelling narrative. The plot centers on the exploits of the young princess Yona, who, after being driven from her home, must go in search of the legendary dragons who can aid her in regaining her country.

2. San Character – Princess Mononoke
One of the most courageous and powerful Ghibli anime princesses was San. Since she was nurtured by the mighty Wolf God Moro, she was also known as the Princess of the Wolf Gods and often behaved and dressed like a wolf. San was a formidable warrior princess and one of the few anime characters that dared to face any foe.

One of the most profound and moving Studio Ghibli films, Princess Mononoke also features some of the best Ghibli music. The young prince Ashitaka, who sets out on a quest to discover a remedy for his affliction, is the protagonist of the novel. But, he quickly becomes embroiled in a conflict between the forest gods and humans who aim to clear the forest and massacre its inhabitants.

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3. Mei Chang Character – Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Mei Chang was the sweetest and most formidable little anime princess ever. Mei was really little, but she was quite clever, and she loved her people very much. Mei always used her wits and outstanding alchemy and martial arts abilities to aid those in need.

Mei was one of the strongest anime princesses despite her diminutive stature, easily defeating even much larger foes. One of the most cherished old-school anime series of all time is Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. The Elric brothers, who go out on an exciting quest to discover the philosopher’s stone and ultimately regain their original bodies, are the main characters of the novel.

4. Nefertari Vivi Character – One Piece
Nefertari In addition to being one of the bravest anime princesses, Vivi was also a spy and a pirate. One of the most considerate anime princesses, the princess of Alabasta constantly put the needs of others before her own. In addition, Vivi had a strong sense of duty and loyalty to her family, her nation, and herself. She was not hesitant to stand up to an enemy to defend these things.
One Piece is among the funniest action-adventure anime series, with hysterical characters, inventive storytelling, some of the best plot twists, and even some of the saddest anime deaths. A teenage pirate named Luffy, who aspires to be the Pirate King, is the protagonist of the story.
5. Cornelia Li Britannia – Code Geass
One of the ugliest anime princesses ever is Cornelia Li Britannia. Most of Lelouch’s wisest decisions were supported and cared for by this lovely princess. Among the Royale army’s best combatants, Cornelia did everything in her ability to defend the Holy Empire of Britannia.
She is also one of the coldest and harshest princesses in anime, yet she still has a kind side because Cornelia looks out for all the warriors of Britannia in addition to her valiant knight Guilford. One of the most thrilling and unpredictable anime series, Code Geass, is about an exiled prince named Lelouch who secretly leads a revolt after acquiring a magical power.
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